gary smith

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  1. Raymond Stuart avatar
    Raymond Stuart Mar 31, 2013

    Many thanks for the memories. Although my childhood in the 50s was at the coast, it was still back to backs, washing tubs, marbles, playing on the “tip”, coal waggons (horsedrawn) ,washing strung across the back lane and fishing for “halin”  Thanks again.

  2. Andrew Wilson avatar
    Andrew Wilson Aug 21, 2014

    Dear Sir,
    I am a proud geordie expat residing in the USA for 25 years. I am extremely interested in maintaining my roots and art seems the most meaningful way. I have been
    most impressed by your visions of the North East and thought I would drop a line inquiring on whether you have pieces for sale and availability/ ease of shipping to the U.S. I look forward to hearing from you.