gary smith
The fruit-and-veg-man
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The fruit-and-veg-man

  • oil on canvas board
  • 50.5cm x 40.5cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • Commissioned artwork

    …Seeing horse and carts regular was an accepted sight. I used to think when the man with the fruit and veg came round whether it was the same horse and cart that came round for the rags and woolens. A bag of pea pods was something that we loved a lot and mam would buy quite a few and share them equally and I mean count them out to each of us. We would look and observe keenly. Did a short fat pod equal a long thin one? There’d be much discussion about the fairness of the distribution. This mainly consisted of cries of unfairness. Mam would usually sort this out by scooping up the bundles of pods and holding each one put them behind her back. We would then be given the option of picking a hand and that would be our lot. There’d still be howls of unfairness if we picked what we thought was a smaller portion but there was nothing we could do once mam had made the decision…
    Prints available.

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