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Waving to the engine driver
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Waving to the engine driver

  • 50.5cm x 40.5cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • …At the end of our estate there was a railway track than terminated at a local goods yard. It was connected to the coal companies and some of the coal companies had their coal yards along side. Sometimes we’d stand on the fence and wave to the drivers. They had to slow down towards the terminal and would wave back sometimes sounding the whistle or horn, depending on what type of engine it was. I always wanted to be a train driver (still get that feeling even now). There seemed something very special about that job, especially when I’d watch them leave the station and head off in the distance. I could hear them at night when I was lying in bed. I always wondered where they were going…
    Prints available. 50cm x 40cm £45. 42cm x 30cm £30.

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