gary smith
A Game of Quoits
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A Game of Quoits

  • oil on canvas board
  • 51cm x 41cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • Commissioned

    …I always knew it as Horseshoes. We never played it that much but the adults used to set up pitches behind the Workingmen’s Club on waste ground. You could see them from the path playing but you didn’t dare get too close. It just seemed not the place to go. There would be bets and the like done on these games. It was games like these that were commonplace then so not much interest was taken by us kids, though we’d make our own pitch when we were bored and some friends whose dads worked at the mines would get horseshoes and we’d have a game, but there was always something else to do and distract us. It was never something that we’d play regularly.
    Prints available.

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