gary smith
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  • oil
  • 25cm x 30cm
  • Sold
  • …The mangle was an important part of the wash day, along with the copper boiler. We had a washing machine which had to be filled by hand and sloshed water everywhere. The water was heated in the boiler first and then tipped into the washer. Certain items were put through the mangle to squeeze the water out. It was quite an impressive piece of equipment and did the job very well. It certainly helped our mam with all the washing she had, though it was still a hard chore…
    Prints available.

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  1. Leeanne avatar
    Leeanne Jul 4, 2012

    Please could you email me a price list of your beauitful art work would love to buy a couple ..
    Many thanks leeanne x look forward to your reply