gary smith
kids catapults and coppers
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kids catapults and coppers

  • oil
  • 51cm x 40.5cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • “Kids, Catapults and Coppers”

    …Our own forms of fun sometimes got us into trouble. My mate W was good at picking out the right type of tree to cut a branch from with a Y shape to make a catapult. We bought the elastic (the type used along the edges of snooker tables) from a sports shop usually eighth inch thick as quarter inch was too strong to pull back. The leather tongues from shoes or boots were cut up and used to make the pouch and to tie the ends of the elastic to. Then the other end of the leather straps we cut were nailed to each end of the Y. We were caught once smashing bottles, firing at cans or any other “legitimate” target. A policeman was passing in his car and stopped us. He took all the catapults away so it took another day to replace them…
    Prints available.

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