gary smith
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  • oil on canvas board
  • 30cm x25cm
  • framed
  • “A game of Street Cricket”
    …No one I knew had a proper cricket bat. Ours were crudely fashioned from a single piece of wood with a roughly trimmed handle that more often than not put splinters in our hands when we went to hit the ball. The bails were either chalk marks on a wall or a dustbin, or even odd pieces of wood , or sticks if we were playing in a field. There was always someone who excelled at certain sports and there were those people among us. It could take a long time to get them out. Sometimes having to hurl the ball directly at then as a message to say “times up”. If we didn’t then inevitably we would get fed up and those of us who had fielded for a long time would never get a go…Prints available

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