gary smith
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  • oil on canvas board
  • 50cm x 40cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • “The Tattie Pickers”

    …Once a year the time came when it was profitable to take time off school, before the official school holidays and go Tattie Picking. The farmers didn’t mind who you were or how old though they took on quite a few youngsters as they did not pay them the same as the adults though the plots allocated or baskets used for filling with tatties were the same for everyone. There was always someone on the look out for the school board man or if you were on the dole the “Nash Man” and if anyone came in sight, who appeared to be taking a keen interest then the shout would go up “Nash man, Board man” and everyone dropped their baskets, stopped what they were doing and scarpered. It would take some time for the farmer to get everyone back. Us kids found it hilarious….
    Prints available.

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