gary smith
Roller skaters
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Roller skaters

  • oil on canvas board
  • 30 cm x 25cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • The Roller Skaters:

    During the summer we would spend most of our time outdoors with lots of us kids making lots of noise; always looking for something to do. Somebody would always have something new to try out and roller skates were one such thing. It was usually girls who had those things and were usually already proficient using them.
    These were a dangerous piece of footwear.
    For most of the time if I ever got the chance to use any I would stand still. Any attempt to go forward usually meant falling over, arms flailing in all directions, legs running like some cartoon character but getting nowhere. Girls seemed more adept at mastering this skill. Though it was still one of those things I felt I had to be able to do to some level. It never went down well if a girl could beat a boy at a game.
    Prints available.

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  1. Colin avatar
    Colin Apr 17, 2015

    Just bought this from Newcastle Art Collective. Present for my Mums 60th. i hope she loves it as much as i do. Great work Gary.   Kind Regards. Colin