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El Geordie
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El Geordie

  • pastel
  • 50 x 65
  • framed
  • Sold
  • commissioned painting. "El Geordie, Whippet Fighter".

    When I was asked to do this art. It was, initially meant to depict a Matador in the bullring. However after some discussion with the buyer and some joking about "what if". The what if's soon became a caricature of a bullfighter and the outcome was the Northeasts very own alternative Matador. El Geordie, standing in front of the aptly named, Spanish City, Whitley Bay.
    A basic translation:

    The whippet ring of Spanish City Whitley Bay
    See the famous whippet fighter of Whitley Bay

    See El Geordie take on the greatest of whippets while smoking a woodbine
    Watch how El Geordie uses a small child’s discarded anorak to whip his pet dog into a frenzy.
    See how he deftly avoids knocking over his bottle of brown ale.

    Around 11:30pm after pubs shut

    Prints: Of 25 only. .

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