gary smith
The Last Coal Train
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The Last Coal Train

  • oil on board
  • 50cm x 40cm
  • framed
  • “The Last Coal Train”

    ...Symbolizing the end of the coal industry. A culture and way of life that spanned generations. It was only a few miles in some directions and a lot less in others before I would cross a railway line that was connected to the coal industry. As a young boy and growing up into my teens and beyond I would often be woken early in the morning hearing the men going off to work on their early shift they would tramp along the street, coughing and quietly talking to each other. Once they had all gathered, the miners bus would rev up and off it went. During the winter months, most of them would never see daylight for quite a few days, setting off in the dark, working in the dark and coming home in the dark …

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