gary smith
Waiting till the cows come home
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Waiting till the cows come home

  • oil
  • 60cm x 50cm
  • framed
  • £400.00
  • “Waiting Till The Cows Come Home”

    ...We used to play down at Kepier farm. This used to be an old medieval leper hospital. The original gateway, which still exists leads to the river Wear and is close to Durham city centre. There was an orchard next to the farm and during summer we would go and see what we could get, pears, apples, plums, cherries. If we were lucky we could get quite a haul, though if the farmer saw us he would chase us. On one occasion when we were there and we were about to be chased away when one lad tripped and put his foot into a wasps nest. The wasps flew up his trouser leg and were stinging him all over. We couldn’t get near him...Prints available

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